This is a 30-hour specially designed skill-building course for practicing certified Lymphoedema Therapists offered to all certified therapists from ANY 135+ hour course who want to hone their skills to serve patients with Lymphoedema and Lipoedema more effectively.

We will review the Up-to-Date Research Based Principles of MLD, Advanced Multi-layer Compression Bandaging Techniques and Products, Compression Garments – when to recommend flat knit vs. circular knit, Exercises and Instructions in Self-MLD, Self-Bandaging Techniques, Kinesio Taping and much more. This advanced course provides an opportunity for practicing lymphedema therapists to improve and expand upon their Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) and compression therapy techniques and update their knowledge of new developments in the treatment of lymphoedema.

In extensive hands-on sessions, highly experienced lymphoedema therapy instructors will provide constructive feedback. Participants will be updated on indocyanine green (ICG) guided MLD and the new treatment recommendations for patients with lymphoedema and lipoedema. Participants are encouraged to bring their own lymphoedema/lipoedema treatment questions and case studies for discussion and problem solving with the instructor and their peers. This course provides an opportunity for networking and exchange of experience when treating patients with complex medical histories and co-morbidities in a challenging healthcare environment.

Course Educational Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Instructional Methods: Online Pre-Course work, Hands-on lab, lectures, case studies, and live demonstrations

Prerequisites for course: open to all Certified Lymphedema Therapists who are graduates of a lymphoedema training program of at least 135-hours. A copy of the Certificate of Completion of your initial CDT training course/program must be included with the registration form, along with a copy of your current professional license with HPCSA/AHPCSA/SANC

Topics include:

  • Hands-on practice of basic and advanced techniques and sequences of Manual Lymph Drainage
  • Review of compression bandaging approaches for patients with Lymphoedema/Oedema
  • Review of compression garment fitting for any oedema, lipoedema and lymphoedema of the upper & lower extremities, head & neck, trunk and genital oedema
  • Review of Elastic Taping for head/neck, trunk, arms/hands, legs/feet oedema
  • Update on the new treatment recommendation for patients with lipoedema
  • Case study discussion
For a more detailed outline and objectives:
Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the Lymphoedema Advanced Techniques Review Course, you will:

  1. ONLINE Review of theory of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of oedema, lymphoedema, lipoedema.
  2. Review all treatment components of Combined Decongestive Therapy – MLD, Bandaging, Exercise, Skin Care
  3. Review comprehensive evaluation, measurements, pictures, treatment planning for a complex patient with co-morbidities
  4. Demonstrate effective Manual Lymph Drainage treatment techniques
  5. Demonstrate lymphoedema multi-layer compression bandaging to create an effective, graduated compression system for arm and leg
  6. Identify and choose compression, accurately measure for compression system or garment
  7. Provide home care education for self-care MLD, bandaging, exercise, and nutrition for long term management of lymphoedema
  8. Review basics of applying elastic tape for any oedema
  9. Review Risk Reduction strategies for patients
      NOTE: It is the responsibility of all health professionals to know their scope of practice and to work within the limits of their license.

      Items to Bring: Please wear comfortable clothes to be able to practice hands-on techniques, such as strapless bras, bikini, shorts, hotpants, etc.. so that skin is exposed to be able to practice all hands-on techniques. Please bring sharp scissors and tape for securing short-stretch bandages.

        Course Length
        Days & Times

        Who is this course for?
        3-days Hands-On 27-Hours and 3-hours Online
        SEE BELOW
        To REVIEW all new advanced and research-based techniques for any oedema with Complete Decongestive Therapy

        R5,500 Full COST; EARLY BIRD – R4,000 by 15 January/1June 2023

        Suzi Davey OTR/L, CLT-LANA, CLWT, USA and South Africa
        30 CEU’s (27-hours hands-on course and 3-hours for e-Learning)
        Certified Lymphoedema Therapists looking to advance their skills
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        Attendance and Dismissal:

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          Lymphoedema Therapists Advanced Techniques Course21-23 Feb 2023Course Fee R5,500.00Early Bird R4,000.00
          24-26 July 2023


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          Suzi Davey, OTR/L, CLT-LANA, CLWT

          Suzi Davey is an Occupational Therapist and specialist and expert in the field of Lymphoedema Management, certified in 1998, through Dr. Vodder School International and completed Certified instructor training in 2015 with the International Lymphedema and Wound Care Training Institute USA (ILWTI). She will be presenting the course and testing the students throughout.

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