The idea of Lymph Africa Education (LAE) was established in 2012, with the view to introduce much needed higher levels of training and education to all Health care professionals to be able to care for people with all types of Lymphoedema and chronic Oedema issues in South Africa and all of Africa.

At that time, Lymphoedema awareness, prevention education and treatment resources available to South Africans are inadequate, and the quality of care in the public and private sector is not appropriately funded by medical aids (medical insurers). As a result, Lymphoedema care in general has great room for improvement and much needed “Education”.

The founder and CEO of LAE, Suzi Davey OTR/L, CLT-LANA, CLWT, is a renowned Lymphoedema Specialist from the USA and has been specialising in Lymphoedema and Wound Care since 1998 in her own private Lymphoedema Specialty Practice near Miami, Florida. She has a vision to create an all-encompassing and comprehensive Lymphoedema Training for treatment and management, which allows for the implementation of correct and appropriate Lymphoedema and Wound care principles. Luckily in early 2015, her path crossed with the founder and CEO of the International Lymphoedema and Wound Care Training Institute Robyn Bjork Physio.

The concept of the LAE was born, developed, and was finally introduced into the South African healthcare practioners market in October 2015. This concept is providing ground-breaking certification training and HPCSA Accredited combining Lymphoedema and Wound Care Education available to all Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Podiatrists and Orthotists.

In order to provide good Lymphoedema and Wound care across South Africa, it is recognised that we will need to eventually develop “Lymphoedema Centres of Excellence”. The “Centres of Excellence” principle needs to be expanded and discussed. To achieve this, partnerships with various stakeholders are key. These partnerships will facilitate better Lymphoedema and Wound Care Healing outcomes for patients and optimal financial risk management for funders of healthcare.