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Lymphoedema Management Certification Course Information

There are two parts to the Lymphoedema Management Certification Course:

Suzi Davey demonstrating Kinesio tapping

Part One: Online Pre-course Work

Our online training is 45 hours, and is a combination of power points, videos, reading, handouts, and online tests. It is self-paced, but must be completed prior to attending the practicum portion of the course. Allow 1-2 months to complete your online pre-course work.

You must score a minimum of 70% or higher to pass the online portion and proceed to the practicum of the course.

Please allow for 1-2 months to complete your online pre-course work!

Part Two: Classroom Practicum Training

Our live, practicum training is 10 days, conveniently divided into two sessions of 5 days each, Monday to Friday, 90 hours. This portion of the course is all hands-on labs and workshops, fun group activities and case studies to help you integrate your new knowledge. You must successfully complete all practicums by demonstrating mastery of each skill, and pass a final practicum test to receive your certification.

Register for dates and locations that work best for you, then complete the online pre-course work prior to attending the practicum.

For more detailed description, objectives and outline:

The LEA Certified Lymphoedema Management course provides you with comprehensive knowledge and hands-on skills training necessary to effectively treat individuals with all oedemas, liphoedema and lymphoedemas. The Course is a comprehensive certification in Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT), Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), custom, multi-layered compression bandaging, custom garment selection and fitting, and basic wound care review. The course is practicum based and clinically focused, utilizing an integrative, rehabilitation approach and interdisciplinary management of patients. This course provides~45 hours of Online Theory pre-coursework, to be completed at your own pace, with 10 days of hands-on practicum training. Digital course books, printed workbooks, clinical tools, bandaging supplies & wound care workshop supplies, and a generous variety of sample products for you to take home are included.

Course Objectives PDF


  • Places will be offered to persons on the waiting list and deposits forfeited should balance of payment not be made by deadline.
  • Deposits can be carried over for future courses, should you inform us 7 working days before final payment is due.


Details and Tips to Consider

  • Allow yourself at least 1-2 months to complete the online pre-course work.
  • It is VERY important to read through each part of the online Module BEFORE completing the test at the end of each section, as you cannot go back to read the information once you have started the test.
  • This Module has to be completed and an average of 70% or more achieved in order to proceed with the Hands-On Module provided by Lymphatic Education Africa (LEA).