LEA ELASTIC TAPING For Oedema Conditions


For Oedema Conditions

This course is for all Health Care Practioners who want to learn more about the benefits of Elastic Taping techniques for oedema conditions. Appropriate for Hand Therapists, Nurses, Wound Care Specialists, Orthotists, Physios, OT’s, Podiatrists and Doctors.

Course Duration:  1 Day – (8 CPD Points applied for)

Course Fee:  R4000 excl. VAT

Early Bird Fee:  R3000 excl. VAT



Presented by Suzi Davey OTR/L, CLT-LANA, CLWT
Certified Dr. Vodder and ILWTI Therapist
Length of course: This is a 1-day, 8 hour course of hands-on instruction
Participants: All Health Care Professionals- Best for OT, Physio, PNP
Mandatory prerequisite: This course is designed for healthcare practitioners with training in
the basics of anatomy, physiology and function of the lymphatic system.

Maximum of 20 participants

Preparation for Attendees:
1) It is strongly recommended that participants review functional muscular anatomy as
well as Postural Kinesiology prior to attending. A strong knowledge base of lymphatic
functions, pathways, watersheds and lymphatic territories as well as location of lymph
nodes is recommended.
2) Clothing to maximally expose the arms, legs and trunk (tube top and shorts is best)
3) A MEDIUM size pair of sharp scissors to cut Tape, a small blanket or towel and pillow
will increase comfort when taping on treatment tables
Course Information: Handout materials will be provided
Overview: A one day lab experience in the application and uses of Elastic Sports Taping to
assist in treatment of Oedema (Including an overview of Lymphoedema and Venous
Insufficiency). Learn how to use Elastic Taping for improving lymphatic flow by skin
mobilization to redirect and improve flow, reduce muscle spasm and improve structural
alignment to enhance lymphatic drainage and lymph circulation. Basic theory and proper
application techniques will be instructed to maximize its effectiveness for treatment of scar
tissue, axillary cording, lymphatic dysfunction and Venous Insufficiency. Case presentations for
head & neck, post mastectomy, and lower extremity oedema including venous insufficiency
will be reviewed

Upon completion of this course lecture and hands-on demonstration lab the participant will be able to:
1. Discuss & Explain the Basic Concepts of Elastic Taping
2. Practice and refine application skills as practiced in guided lab sessions
3. Identify various tape cutting techniques and their clinical applications
4. Review a variety of pathological and post-operative uses for Elastic Taping
5. Outline strategies for effective application of Elastic Tape as it relates to oedema reduction control
6. Review and discuss precautions and contraindications of Elastic Taping
7. Practice application techniques of Elastic Taping for treatment of Lymphedema and Venous
8. Recommend the use of Elastic Taping for noncompliant oedema patients who struggle with
wearing compression garments or bandages
9. Recognize Elastic Taping as an effective adjunct in the treatment of Oedema, Lymphoedema and Venous insufficiency with or without wounds

Cape Town:

03 February 2020


Date to be confirmed

Early Bird Fee:

R3000 excl. VAT

Early Bird Fee Due Dates: Cape Town (17/01/2020) | Durban/PMB (15/06/2020)


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